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Get a Grip on Handles

8th February 2019

Handles are only a small part of detail that makes up a kitchen, but choose the wrong colour or style and you could be left with an eyesore. Each handle has their own distinctive style in which it will compliment your kitchen, with our guidance and experience helping to make your own decision. We do not work with only one company, we distribute for an array of different manufacturers offering a wide unbiased opinion.

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One of the companies that we work with are Armac Martin, over 90 years of heritage and experience in creating solid-brass cabinet hardware. Providing an extensive range with handles available in twenty-one plated and patinated finishes; bronze, antique, nickel, steel, matt, polished and much more. A vast collection of handles with enough styles to find the perfect collection to suit a client's new kitchen.

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Another company we work with is Crofts and Assinder, with 140 years of experience working with brass taking great pride in their expertise around their design and finish. Crofts and Assinder can also provide a complete bespoke service, offering one of a kind handles that perfectly suit your style and room decor. Not only being able to provide bespoke but as well as with their 'style' range being able to provide a just as equally distinctive and high quality product, that is at a more economical budget.

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Ged Kennet is another manufacturer that we supply handles for. Ged Kennet is a one off manufacturer, the team will design and create a completely bespoke handling to each order meaning each handle has its own personal style. All Ged’s handles made from brass have finishes which allow them to react to their environment. Their colour and polish (patina) will change with time and use; this is why they are said to have a Living Finish.

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