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Hand Painted Finish

23rd Decemeber 2018

A hand painted kitchen has a superior quality that cannot be matched. Danmar has connections with major paint distributors, not limiting a customer to our own private range. This can be beneficial as we will be able to create your kitchen to your exact taste, as well as being independent able to choose a paint best suited to your style and your budget.

West Malling Shop

When it comes to choosing the perfect colour, we have no limitations or hesitations with hand painted kitchens only the customers' preference of what excites them about their new kitchen. There are always a colour that complete each other so nicely that they are perfect pairs. A contemporary kitchen is a mixture of the old with the new, having a modern and traditional colour to compliment off of one another. For example colours such as a deep modern blue and a traditional off-white, these deep and neutral colours creates a bold but easy on the eyes even though they could be quite contradictory colours if done wrong, all with potential though to have fun with home decor to make your kitchen part of your home.

bespoke hand painted tradiotional grey shaker kitchen

Choosing the right colours can have such a big effect on your room, an appropriate grey in a gloomy corner is able to bring a room to life by creating depth as there are clear defining lines. The palette you select can be complemented or contrasted using accessories and lighting to give your room a personal look. We will always guide your decision to ensure that the colours that are being used aren't ones that create blending, as creating depth keeps a room interesting, but always done with our customers preference as choice.

bespoke hand painted contemporary blue shaker kitchen

When deciding to have a hand painted kitchen that means your kitchen will be completed by hand, no machinery. Instantly you can see your superior quality of hand-painted which creates a bold clean aesthetic, to such a high standard for years guest will believe you have just had your kitchen finished. Our hand painted selection would be completed by a craftsman, ensuring the highest quality and their experience creates your exquisite new kitchen.

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