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10th January 2019

Danmar hopes everyone has had a relaxing break and are all off to a great start! The start of a New Year is exciting; what will the year bring? Will you keep up with your New Years resolutions? Is my kitchen in need of a revamp to kick off the New Year with a new start? As the celebration season continues catching up with old friends; socialising, having fun, having a drink. While friends are over mix it up a bit with your own cocktail mixers and barware. Look through our selection of different barware to best suit your home.

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Even though most decisions are made through the appeal of the shaker and the effect it while have in your home decor, but choosing and knowing which on best suits the customer is important, you don't want to be a loose shaker and end up with cocktail done yourself. The professional bartender normally goes for a classic Boston shaker, which is just two two separate cups. When joined together they form a tight seal meaning little spillage or none at all (if its for home use it all depends on your shaking skills). There are many versions of the Boston Shakers, same idea of having two separate cups but different areas have different shapes and styles. Most at-home mixologists favour cobbler shakers, which often look great and have an in-built strainer, but can be more prone to warping and leaks.

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If you are choosing a cocktail shaker for a modern home, you would want to be looking towards having a Cobbler Shaker as they're made more for their looks so you would be able to find a sleek maybe stainless steel shaker that accompanies your gloss kitchen. Along with a stainless steel tray and cut crystal glasses suit this choice of shaker and placed on a stone worktop to create a nice contrast between the natural stone and polished finish. For a contemporary kitchen: a Boston, Parisian or Manhattan shakers as these are the more classic shakers and the two separate cups, with tinted or traditional effect that is made with these shakers compliment the potential wood grain that will be in a contemporary home.

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45 ml The Botanist gin
15 ml Campo Viejo cava brut
22 ml Funkin strawberry purée
15 ml Cucumber water
7.5 ml Fresh lemon juice
22 ml Simple syrup


Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a lime chip.

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